Global Food Wastage

Based on a report by NEA in 2017, the amount of food waste generated in Singapore has increase by about 40 percent over the last 10 years. In the year of 2016, the city stage has generated 791,000 tones of food waste, equivalent to the weight of over 3,500 MRT trains.

Rescue Grocer combats food waste

Rescue Grocer specialised in selling products that suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers are no longer able to retail because they are near to the expiration date, produced in excessive quantities or the packaging is broken.

We work with likeminded suppliers who like to play a part in social responsibility, intercepting these rejected goods that could be destined for landfill and then sell them at a huge discount of more than 30% from their retail price.

Rescue Grocer hopes that nothing goes to waste

Rescue Grocer goes one step further in tackling food wastage by coordinating the donation of the remaining unsold products to various beneficiaries across Singapore through needs-based matching.

This will be never be possible without the blessings of our kind suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

A BIG thanks to you, our Rescue Heroes

We would like to thank our customers and suppliers aka the Rescue Heroes for doing their part in rescuing these products that would have gone into the bins

By working together with these stakeholders, Rescue Grocer hope that we have done our part in making the Earth a better place.

Doing Better by Doing Good.